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    Blue Jay on Deck

    I have noticed a lot of Blue Jays in the area and around my house lately, they are beautiful birds but elusive to grab a close-up photo. This particular guy was on my deck one morning and I had to shoot the picture through my sliding patio door glass which is obviously not preferable for […]

    Join the Caledon, Ontario Flickr Group

    For those of you who use Flickr to post your photos and pictures let me introduce you to the Caledon Flickr Group if you are not already aware of it. In addition to my own photos I have been posting on my blog here there is many more of the Caledon, Ontario area on there […]

    Up Close and Personal, the Northern Leopard Frog

    Here is the Northern Leopard Frog up close and personal, this macro shot was taken with my zoom lens from further away. I used the software Photomatix to tonemap the picture which makes an HDR(High dynamic range imaging) photo and brings out the vibrant color on this Leopard Frog. This particular guy was a pretty […]

    Murder-Suicide in Orangeville/Mono – Update

    Since I reported on this blog on the tragic murder-suicide in Orangeville/Mono some new information has come to light about this very sad story. The young son Connor, 14 of Heidi & Hugh Ferguson has disputed some of the published accounts of what happened that fateful day defending his father. “My father was a wonderful […]

    Tragic Deaths in Orangeville / Mono

    Tragedy has struck a family in Mono Township just north of Orangeville. A mother of two teens apparently wanted to cut ties with her estranged husband and move on with her life but her plans ended when he instead went to her rented home in Orangeville and shot her. As she fought for her life […]

    Eastern Cottontail Rabbit on Finnerty Road

    I caught a few pictures of this little bunny on Finnerty Side Road on my way home last week, he was nervous but was still enough and posed for a few photos. He is a Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and is a native species to Canada and a common sight in Caledon, Ontario. Eastern cottontail rabbits […]

    Baffo’s Pizza in Bolton moving to new location

    Baffo’s Pizza the popular local pizzeria and restaurant in downtown Bolton for over 38 years will soon be moving to a new better location right on Queen St. (Hwy 50). Currently tucked away one street east on Chapel Street Baffo’s will be moving to the main street where the Billiards/Pool Hall used to be. The […]

    Moon Rising on a Early September Night

    The moon slowly rising from the east on an early September night. Took this photo from my Caledon backyard as I arrived home, starting to get dark a lot earlier now, fall is basically here…

    Tagged Red-tailed Hawk south of Bolton, Ontario

    On my way home I caught this Red-tailed Hawk (correct me if I am wrong) just south of Bolton along side Highway 50. He was scanning the ditch below for food and I must have made him nervous as he flew away fairly quickly once he spotted me. I didn’t notice it until after I […]