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    Purple Finch

    Its definitely starting to look and feel more like spring now and after this past winter it can’t come soon enough. I’m starting to notice lots of birds coming back now, Robins which is a good sign of spring as well as Purple Finch’s (pictured above) which I snapped in my Caledon backyard. The Purple […]

    The Moon in Caledon, Ontario in March 2009

    I took this photo of the bright moon in my caledon backyard a week ago. The weather was a little warmer and the moon light was creating a neat effect over the tree line so continuing along with my experimenting of night time photography I took some shots. The photo above is actually a blended […]

    Coyote on the Prowl

    My fiance just happened to notice this coyote out of the corner of her eye this morning as we looked out into the back field behind our house. Up until now we have heard them at night from time to time howling so we knew they came close sometimes but haven’t actually seen back there […]

    Canadian Goose Walking Dangerously

    With spring just around the corner the ice is starting to melt on many of the ponds in the area, I caught this Canadian Goose walking along the dangerous ice. Although many geese stay year round now those that did leave appear to be returning, I am seeing more and more of them in the […]

    Blue Jay on Cloudy but Warm Day

    It was warm this morning so I went out for a quick drive hoping I might see some deer but struck out on that. I did however catch this Blue Jay on Humber Station in northern part of Caledon. I would have liked to have gotten a closer shot but this was the best I […]

    Town of Caledon rejects the Rockfort Quarry

    When looking for a house to buy in the Caledon area back in summer 2007 I remember stumbling across many homes for sale in the Winston Churchill & Olde Baseline road area, also very noticeable if you drive around the area are red stop signs saying “James Dick STOP Rockfort Quarry”. As a non resident […]

    Caledon safest city in Canada, survey finds

    According to an annual survey by Maclean’s magazine of the most dangerous cities in Canada, Caledon for the second year in a row was deemed the safest community in Canada. An excerpt from the Macleans article: Certainly affluence helps shape Canada’s statistically safest place, Caledon, Ont., a scenic, semi-rural suburb northwest of Toronto. It is, […]

    Small Little Woodpecker in Caledon

    This small little woodpecker has been in my backyard for quite a while but I haven’t been able to get a good picture of him until now. I am not entirely sure but I think it is either a female Downy Woodpecker or a female Hairy Woodpecker, if you know please let me know. I […]