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    Early Morning Deer

    It’s not often that I see deer in the morning in the back field behind me, most of the time I see them at dusk and they seem to follow a routine pattern along these Caledon hills and fields. However this one early October morning I saw two deer outside and managed to snap a […]

    Oh… hello

    Not the greatest picture but I stumbled upon this deer near my property earlier this year. He was suprised to see me and not about to wait around for me to take another picture, he bolted two seconds later with lightening speed.

    Lone Deer

    This young male deer (antlers) was walking alone in the field behind me around sunset. He was aware of my presence but did not scare away while I’ll snapped a few pictures with my camera and zoom lens. The deer population in the Caledon, Ontario area appears to remain fairly high. Be sure to keep […]

    Spring Time Deer

    I managed to sneak up on a small group of deer to get these pictures, they were caught off guard but did not spook immediately, I was still able to get snap a few pictures before they took off back into the woods. Pictures were taken in north-east Caledon, click on the images for larger […]

    Deer in the Tropics

    I apologize for the lack of Caledon blog updates but I have been away on vacation in Costa Rica and then came back to the December holiday rush. While in Costa Rica I happened to come across a White-tailed deer at Manual Antonio National Park. Many people assume that deer are only in North America […]

    Deer in Caledon, Ontario in June

    Here are a few new photos of some deer I recently took in the Caledon area. Maybe its just me looking a lot closer but it seems like there is more deer around this year compared to last year, well at least in my area. These deer were gracing the field of hay in my […]

    Deer on the Outskirts of Bolton, Ontario

    I took these pictures this past Monday morning fresh from the weekend thaw I caught this small herd of deer on outskirts of Bolton. If you are heading south this is the very last field before you hit bolton, the Albion-Bolton District Park is across from it. The deer were quite the attraction this particular […]