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  • Eastern Cottontail Rabbit on Finnerty Road


    I caught a few pictures of this little bunny on Finnerty Side Road on my way home last week, he was nervous but was still enough and posed for a few photos. He is a Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and is a native species to Canada and a common sight in Caledon, Ontario. Eastern cottontail rabbits are one of the few wild animals that are known to “play” with other members of their species. Rabbits are also incredibly fast, and are able to reach speeds of 60 to 75 kilometres per hour. This speed is a necessity for eastern cottontails since they have numerous predators and very few natural defense mechanisms. They are usually found in or near wooded areas and meadows but they have also adapted to increasing urbanization and frequently live in city parks, golf courses and in residential yards. For more information about them click here.


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