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    The Crows are in Town (HDR photo)

    I’ve noticed a lot of crows in the Caledon area the last couple weeks, they are ugly birds but I thought I’d take a picture of one anyways. Apparently Ontario’s crow population has been on the rise for the past decade and several communities have battled with the birds. In Chatham, Ontario for instance, 160,000 […]

    Wild Turkeys in Caledon, Ontario

    Wild Turkeys in Ontario almost vanished and were not seen widely for many years due to years of logging and unregulated hunting. Fortunately the birds were re-introduced to Ontario 20 years ago and now the province wide population of wild turkeys has now reached over 100,000 and are a common sight in Caledon. You will […]

    Close-up photos of some Chickadees

    Chickadees are everywhere in Ontario not just Caledon but its still nice to see them all winter when most birds are away. Here are some close up macro shots I took of these little birds with my Olympus 70-300mm zoom lens. They are easier birds to take pictures of as you can get fairly close […]

    Shooting the Stars on a Clear Night in Caledon

    Ever since moving to the Caledon area and now that I have a better camera I have wanted to play with taking some shots of the nighttime sky. Last weekend it was clear enough to take some pictures so I went outside into the bitter cold around midnight and setup my cam on the tripod. […]

    What happened to the Tim Hortons at Hwy 50 and 9 (Palgrave)?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Tim Hortons that was at Highway 50 and HWY 9 (Palgrave)? I noticed it closed not too long ago and was then surprised to see them tearing it down this past week. This particular location has always been very busy especially in the mornings so I don’t think […]

    Deer on the Outskirts of Bolton, Ontario

    I took these pictures this past Monday morning fresh from the weekend thaw I caught this small herd of deer on outskirts of Bolton. If you are heading south this is the very last field before you hit bolton, the Albion-Bolton District Park is across from it. The deer were quite the attraction this particular […]

    Hawks in Caledon along Highway 50

    While driving to work every day along highway 50 I often see a number of hawks. For the longest time I was trying to get a good close up shot of one but didn’t have much success until recently. The hawk above I managed catch just south of Bolton near the Toyota Dealership, unfortunately I […]

    Hungry Squirrel

    Today I was just driving up and down several Caledon side roads hoping I might come across something neat. While on Coolihans Sideroad which is just south of Highway 9 and caught this little guy in the corner of my eye. He didn’t like me looking at me so fled up the tree initially but […]