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    Up Close and Personal, the Northern Leopard Frog

    Here is the Northern Leopard Frog up close and personal, this macro shot was taken with my zoom lens from further away. I used the software Photomatix to tonemap the picture which makes an HDR(High dynamic range imaging) photo and brings out the vibrant color on this Leopard Frog. This particular guy was a pretty […]

    Northern Green Leopard Frog

    My fiance caught a small Northern Green Leopard Frog. I have seen many of them over the past few weeks in my Caledon backyard, especially when cutting the lawn I have to be careful not to run them over. Some interesting info care of Wikipedia, the Northern Leopard Frog is a species of Leopard frog […]

    Evening Toad

    This little guy seems to come around my house every year in the evening. He hops around slowly and follows the same path on most nights. I took a picture of this toad with my Olympus 25mm F2.8 Pancake Lens. I basically just put the camera flat on the ground and used the light coming […]