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    Red Squirrel caught red handed

    I caught this Red Squirrel red handed invading one of my bird feeders. This little guy has a home further back on my Caledon property but occasionally comes around to raid the bird feeds. Red Squirrel’s actually known as the American Red Squirrel is one of two species of tree squirrel currently classified in the […]

    Red Squirrel pays a visit

    This little guy, an American Red Squirrel visits my place every morning to steal seeds from the bird feeders. The American Red Squirrel are widely found across North America. Their range includes most of Canada, and extends into the United States in the Rocky Mountains, the North Central and North East, so they are no […]

    Hungry Squirrel

    Today I was just driving up and down several Caledon side roads hoping I might come across something neat. While on Coolihans Sideroad which is just south of Highway 9 and caught this little guy in the corner of my eye. He didn’t like me looking at me so fled up the tree initially but […]