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    Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?

    In this case he was just looking for a nice place to sun tan and dry off. I saw this turtle on Mt Hope Rd. beside Gibson Lake. I was actually quite surprised how little people cared about the turtle driving over top of him instead of driving around him in most cases, he was […]

    Elton John possibly building a mansion in Caledon, Ontario

    Here is some gossip news from the Toronto Star about Elton John possibly moving into the Caledon, Ontario. Rumors of him building a mansion on a large estate which is some where off Hwy. 10. A few excerpts from the article: The sprawling house on a large estate adjacent to the Devil’s Pulpit Golf Association […]

    Signs of Spring, Baby Geese in Bolton, Ontario

    The signs of spring are here (actually it feels like summer today), I stumbled across these baby Geese in Bolton, Ontario this morning right across from the Canadian Tire. There was quite a number of them walking across the road and holding up traffic earlier but all managed to cross the road safely. See some […]

    Wild turkey is one smart bird

    Noticed this article in the Toronto Star today, not about Caledon but interesting article about Wild Turkeys which we have many all over Caledon, Ontario. Wild turkey is one smart bird Chefs head to the country to hunt elusive fowl, but wiley creatures prove difficult to catch By: ivy knight It is still dark at […]

    Superb Breakfast, Cora’s Opens in Bolton, Ontario

    If you are looking for breakfast in the Caledon area and tired of the same old places and want to try something then I recommend trying Cora’s which has opened recently in Bolton, Ontario. Cora’s is a fast growing chain of breakfast/brunch restaurants that offers a bit of a unique take on breakfast offering more […]

    Red Fox on Mount Pleasant in Caledon

    Here is a wild red fox I saw on the way home from work at Mt Pleasant & Castledurg. He had a mouse in his mouth and was walking along Mt. Pleasant for a long while, I followed him for about 1-2 km. I didn’t think I would be able to get a good shot […]