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    Turkey Vulture in Caledon, Ontario

    They are damm ugly birds but Turkey Vultures are all over Caledon and various parts of Ontario in the summer time. People often confuse them for hawks when they are flying high above due to a long similar wing span but up close they are not similar at all. I took this picture near the […]

    Garden Snake / Garter Snake in Caledon

    I caught a few close ups of this Garden Snake on my way to Caledon Lake. The official name for them is actually Garter Snake but they also go by a number names, garden snakes, gardner snakes or gardener snakes, or even garder snakes or guarder snakes. I took this photo with my new Olympus […]

    Caledon Lake – Caledon Ontario’s Largest Lake

    The above photo is a panorama picture I made of Caledon Lake which is located just south of Orangeville and west of Highway 10. Caledon Lake is easily the largest lake in all of Caledon which isn’t known for having lakes of any significant size. Given the size of the lake you would thing it […]

    Northern Green Leopard Frog

    My fiance caught a small Northern Green Leopard Frog. I have seen many of them over the past few weeks in my Caledon backyard, especially when cutting the lawn I have to be careful not to run them over. Some interesting info care of Wikipedia, the Northern Leopard Frog is a species of Leopard frog […]

    Garth Turner to seek Liberal nomination in Dufferin-Caledon

    Garth Turner is going to try and enter Federal politics for a third term in the House of Commons, this time as a MP for the Dufferin-Caledon riding. The former MP announced this week that he has officially submitted his papers to seek the nomination, and that those papers have been accepted. Mr. Turner, 60, […]

    Hawkridge Farm (Eaton Family Mansion/Estate) still for sale in Caledon

    The famous Eaton family mansion that sits on a 150 acre estate in Caledon which is also now being called Hawkridge Farm on the real estate listing appears to still be for sale after initially being listed for sale back in late 2007. At a price tag of $24 million dollars it easily remains the […]

    Night Time Light Pollution in Caledon, Ontario

    For the last two nights I have been outside in the evening watching the Perseid Meteor shower, no pictures of that unfortunately, they are too fast and hard to get a photo of them. I was however taking some more pictures of the stars in the night time sky trying to perfect the settings with […]

    Stormy Night in Caledon, Ontario

    Warm weather has arrived to Ontario the past couple days but with it lots of rain and lightning storms. This is just a quick shot I got of the storm on Sunday lighting up the sky on the Caledon horizon, I wanted to try and get pictures of the lightning bolts but the storm had […]

    Almost Attacked by a Monster on Humber Station

    Was driving up Humber Station Road and was nearly attacked by a Monster from the bushes! It turns out he was harmless though. In all seriousness though I thought this metal contraption was neat thing along side the road. Caledon residents, if you know of something along side the road that may be photo worthy […]

    The Orangeville Dodge Rodeo Tour

    After buying a new camera this past week (the Olympus E-620) I was motivated to give it a good testing so what better way to get some test photos with a new camera than going to the Orangeville Dodge Rodeo Tour at the Orangevill Fair Grounds. The rodeo show kicked off at 2:00pm and featured […]