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  • Night Time Light Pollution in Caledon, Ontario


    For the last two nights I have been outside in the evening watching the Perseid Meteor shower, no pictures of that unfortunately, they are too fast and hard to get a photo of them. I was however taking some more pictures of the stars in the night time sky trying to perfect the settings with mixed results. What as of interest while shooting some pictures was the amount of light pollution that Bolton, Toronto, etc. throws off, even at midnight you can still really see it on the horizon as depicted in the photo above. You would think that Caledon is far enough north of Toronto and urban areas that it would be darker but the truth is it really isn’t, as urban sprawl heads further north so does the light pollution it gives off at night. The photo above was taken with my 25mm fixed lens, F2.8, IS0400, 20 second exposure in manual mode.

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