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  • Caledon Lake – Caledon Ontario’s Largest Lake


    The above photo is a panorama picture I made of Caledon Lake which is located just south of Orangeville and west of Highway 10. Caledon Lake is easily the largest lake in all of Caledon which isn’t known for having lakes of any significant size. Given the size of the lake you would thing it would be a little more well known yet it isn’t because Caledon Lake is mostly a private lake with no easy public access to this lake and I am sure those who own cottages along this lake would like to keep it their private secret. Despite it being mostly a private lake it doesn’t appear to be totally private, except for the row of 20-30 cottages the rest of the area appears to be protected land going by the official name of the Caledon Lake Forest Conservation Area.

    There is two ways to get to Caledon Lake, you can turn down a private road which leads to those cottages (road isn’t marked at all from the road) or better you can access it from the other side by driving over and up to the end of Mississauga Road. There you will find lands owned by the Peel District School Board which is a camp / nature centre. If you choose the later option simply walk up the driveway, pass the barn and you will find a trail that follows a river to Caledon Lake, make sure you are on the trail which follows the left side of the river. The trail is well maintained and a nice 5-10 minute walk to the lake. When you arrive at the lake you will see the same view as the picture above (click on the photo for a larger image).

    Searching on Google I can’t find much else about the lake, only tiny bits of info here and there. It appears to be a good fishing spot, while I was there taking photos two guys arrived on the same path I took and easily started catching good sized fish with in a few minutes. The lake also looks like a great place to swim, the water very warm. Power boats also seem to be allowed on this lake despite it boarding on protected lands. Here are a few more photos of Caledon Lake.

    caledonlake1 caledonlake2 caledonlake3

    Here is where Caledon Lake is located, click on the image below for a large version on Google Maps.



    Comment from brian medeiros
    Time March 28, 2021 at 11:13 pm

    I live on shaws creek, is there multi use considering it is crown land, accessible from shaws creek road and townline

    I have ATV’s and would like to explore the area o 4 wheels as apposed to 2 feet..

    Comment from Steve
    Time April 28, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    I’m confused here. I’ve seen 2 places for sale on the MLS. Is this like the grca hence belwood lake and conestoga lake. Is it leased or do you actually own the property. What are the property taxes like. Are you allowed there all year round. Are the roads paved. And what are these crestview lakes rules and regulations about

    Comment from Kim
    Time December 3, 2021 at 3:17 pm

    God I wish I could just like Chris’s comment! Lol Well said Chris! ABSOLUTELY! Much better time spent teaching kids to fishing in a public lake. I am from Caledon and do not live on the lake and didn’t even know it existed? I cottage like everyone else. If these people managed to luck out and get a little bit of paradise. CHEERS! People, respect their privacy it is not a national park. They paid for their view and privacy when they bought their house just like everyone else. Everyone needs to give the same respect they give their own properties and start enjoying all of the beautiful ontario national parks that are open to explore.

    Comment from Jesse
    Time January 13, 2023 at 10:28 am

    Is there anywhere I can launch a boat that anyone knows of

    Comment from Justme
    Time October 23, 2023 at 11:32 pm

    Any updates on accessing this lake? Peel School Board is out during the summer, and honestly our tax dollars pay for the Peel School Board.

    Is this a viable way of accessing the lake?

    Otherwise where is the best place to put down a kayak that is navigable into the lake? Navigable water ways are public property/access, and no dolt on this lake can prevent the public from accessing.

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