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    Spring Time Deer

    I managed to sneak up on a small group of deer to get these pictures, they were caught off guard but did not spook immediately, I was still able to get snap a few pictures before they took off back into the woods. Pictures were taken in north-east Caledon, click on the images for larger […]

    Flying Red Tailed Hawk

    With the much welcomed unseasonably warm weather this Easter long weekend across Ontario and the Caledon area the wildlife is literally buzzing around everywhere now. While sitting on my deck enjoying a few beers I managed to capture this Red Tailed Hawk flying around over the field behind me, a few times he flew right […]

    What are you looking at?

    A wild turkey eating in Caledon, Ontario. Photo taken with my zoom lens in the late afternoon.

    Red Squirrel pays a visit

    This little guy, an American Red Squirrel visits my place every morning to steal seeds from the bird feeders. The American Red Squirrel are widely found across North America. Their range includes most of Canada, and extends into the United States in the Rocky Mountains, the North Central and North East, so they are no […]

    Wandering Coyote near Brampton/Caledon

    Don’t let the photo fool you, I found this wandering coyote in a much more urban environment than it looks like. On my way home later afternoon yesterday by Hwy 7 & 427 I happened to notice in the corner of my eye something moving. When I stopped I was surprised to find a very […]

    Stalking a Hawk

    Quite often I see Hawk’s in Caledon, they are territorial and usually stay in certain areas so after a while you know where to find them. However getting good pictures of them even with a big zoom lens is often a challenge. You may see them on the sides of the roads, sitting on power […]

    Deer in the Tropics

    I apologize for the lack of Caledon blog updates but I have been away on vacation in Costa Rica and then came back to the December holiday rush. While in Costa Rica I happened to come across a White-tailed deer at Manual Antonio National Park. Many people assume that deer are only in North America […]

    Blue Jay on Deck

    I have noticed a lot of Blue Jays in the area and around my house lately, they are beautiful birds but elusive to grab a close-up photo. This particular guy was on my deck one morning and I had to shoot the picture through my sliding patio door glass which is obviously not preferable for […]

    Up Close and Personal, the Northern Leopard Frog

    Here is the Northern Leopard Frog up close and personal, this macro shot was taken with my zoom lens from further away. I used the software Photomatix to tonemap the picture which makes an HDR(High dynamic range imaging) photo and brings out the vibrant color on this Leopard Frog. This particular guy was a pretty […]

    Eastern Cottontail Rabbit on Finnerty Road

    I caught a few pictures of this little bunny on Finnerty Side Road on my way home last week, he was nervous but was still enough and posed for a few photos. He is a Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and is a native species to Canada and a common sight in Caledon, Ontario. Eastern cottontail rabbits […]