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  • Deer in Caledon, Ontario in June


    Here are a few new photos of some deer I recently took in the Caledon area. Maybe its just me looking a lot closer but it seems like there is more deer around this year compared to last year, well at least in my area. These deer were gracing the field of hay in my backyard, the hay is so tall now that it is often hard at times to see the deer walking through it. I also spotted a young fawn with its mother eating in roughly the same spot but unfornuately was unable to get a good picture. For more info on White-tailed deer, click here. Photos were taken with my Olympus 70-300mm zoom lens.

    deer-caledon2 deer-caledon3


    Comment from Harry
    Time May 7, 2013 at 10:40 am

    I have lots of new deer on my property this year. With lots of pictures all times of the day. They came out in early April 2013 and I watched them every day- taking pictures. However, we hear gunshots and now I notice some of the deer visiting my property have not come back. Everyday they were here. Now their gone. It is sad. I believe the gunshots I hear are killing the deer and turkeys and geese that are on my land. Is there anything I can do to protect this wildlife I have watched for years. I know who is responsible, but I can’t prove it. Yesterday and today not one deer.

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