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  • Coyote on the Prowl


    coyote_caledon2My fiance just happened to notice this coyote out of the corner of her eye this morning as we looked out into the back field behind our house. Up until now we have heard them at night from time to time howling so we knew they came close sometimes but haven’t actually seen back there until today. The coyote was following the same path i that field that the deer usually follow in the summer time. It was suggested to me that it might actually be a wolf, looking at pictures on Google Images still makes it hard to tell as they both do look pretty similar but I think it is a coyote. The photo was taken around 8:00am this morning, it was cloudy with snow flurries starting so the picture isn’t the most crisp but not bad considering, only a minor touch up in photoshop to adjust the contrast. Click on the above image for a larger picture or the cropped photo to the left for a close up.

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