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  • The “Bolton by-pass” – Bolton Arterial Road System (B.A.R.) – Update November 2012

    The Bolton, Ontario by-pass (B.A.R.)

    As previously posted here about  the “Bolton by-pass” – Bolton Arterial Road System (B.A.R.), I have a new update on the status of the project from Richard Whitehead, Regional Councillor for Caledon’s Ward 3 & 4 who was kind enough again to fill us in about how the project is progressing. Below is his update on the project.

    Here is the latest update (as of last week) on the western B.A.R. (Bolton Arterial Road system).

    The south western arm from Mayfield Road to Harvest Moon on Coleraine is completed to a four lane profile and to Regional standards to carry all types of vehicles and higher traffic volumes.

    For instance, Hwy 50 south of Mayfield Road carries 38,000 vehicles trips per day and, currently, Coleraine Drive carries only 8,200 vehicle trips per day. Both are four lane Roads. When Coleraine Drive was rebuilt to four lanes, all underground (sewer, water, and gas) and above ground (hydro) services were upgraded to accommodate more growth in our employment areas.

    King Street to downtown Bolton has now been relocated from Station Road to Coleraine Drive allowing for a more direct connection from Harvest Moon – Coleraine to down town including a more effective pedestrian link.

    The completion of the new King Street link to Harvest Moon now completes the southern B.A.R. (Coleraine Drive, Mayfield Road, Town Line, and the King Street link to Harvest Moon). It is now possible to restrict King Street traffic through downtown Bolton to prohibit heavy trucks directing them, instead, to use the southern B.A.R. instead as the east west by-pass.

    The all important north western extension of the B.A.R. (commonly called the Bolton By-pass will begin in the spring of 2013 and be completed to full traffic flows by the fall/winter of 2014 with final completion including trailway connections by the spring of 2015.

    The Region of Peel will be building this critical and expensive link in the system. This construction will include a long span bridge across the Humber River and two large traffic circles (roundabouts) one at the Coleraine extension, Duffy’s Lane and King Street and at the Coleraine extension to Hwy 50 north just north of the Bolton urban community.

    Completion of the north western B.A.R. will enable us to remove north-south heavy vehicle traffic from Queen Street (hwy 50) in Bolton by 2014.

    Removal of heavy trucks from the Bolton Core residential community will greatly relieve traffic congestion in this confined and densely developed areas.

    At the same time Peel is planning to widen Mayfield Road to four lanes from Airport Road to Hwy 50 and Hwy 50 to six lanes from Mayfield Road down to Castlemore Road (Rutherford Road).

    These dramatic changes to our roads infrastructure will solve local congestion issues and provide the highway networking for the additional 13,000 people that will be moving to Bolton before 2031 taking its population up to 40,000 from the current 26,000. Additionally the expanded road network will handle increasing traffic from our growing employment lands.

    The extension of the 427 from hwy 7 to Major Mackenzie and the building of another road network in north east Brampton will also greatly improve traffic management as the whole area continues to grow in Vaughan, Brampton and Caledon (Bolton).

    – Richard Whitehead

    Thanks again to Richard Whitehead for keeping us up to date with this information, Richard can be reached at 905-880-0911 or by email: [email protected]


    Comment from c pratt
    Time May 27, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Could you advise where you obtained the aerial mapping included in this article?

    Comment from Andrew
    Time May 27, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    It was included in a mailed newsletter from Richard Whitehead, Regional Councillor for Caledon’s Ward 3 & 4.

    Comment from Sheri Plowman
    Time August 18, 2014 at 11:18 am

    The B.A.R. has generated much conversation at the local coffee shops. The comments from many local truckers is that the traffic circles are too small for the size of trucks (52′ +) which will be using it. The truckers are suggesting that they will need both lanes in order to circumvent the corners. Too Small Traffic Circles will make havoc for both the East/West Coleraine / King street commuters and the north/south Highway 50 circle. Take a look at the size of the circle on Hwy 50 and make your own judgement!!

    Comment from Traffic
    Time October 10, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    it is standard practice that heavy trucks take both lanes and sometimes track over the truck apron in a two lane or spiral roundabout, because of the continuous movement in a roundabout this doesn’t cause the disruption to traffic you are expecting. MTO uses a very unintuitive warning sign at their roundabouts showing a car + truck + explosion to try to convey that cars cannot pass big trucks in the roundabout. The design isn’t flawed, just the messaging

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