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  • Inside The Cheltenham Brick Works (Abandoned)

    Previously I posted some photos of the Cheltenham Brick Works (see the article here), today I have some interior shots to show you what it currently looks like inside. As you can see the buildings are mostly empty and have fallen to disrepair, graffiti and vandalism is also a problem. It also becomes quite apparent from the empty beer bottles/cans that people use the buildings to party at night. There is also evidence of small fires in and around the buildings which worries me a great deal, as you can see in one of the pictures below the wood structure inside is still in very good shape but it wouldn’t take much for a bunch of reckless people starting a fire that could bring the whole thing down. From the outside the buildings still look great but its really a shame more isn’t being done to preserve and perhaps even restore the inside of these historic buildings.

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