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  • The Historic Alton Mill in Caledon

    Alton Mill, Caledon

    The Alton Mill is a late 19th century industrial stone complex located on the bank of Shaw’s Creek in the heart of the village of Alton in the Town of Caledon and us just five minutes south of Orangeville. The Alton Mill was built by pioneering settlers of Alton over 120 years ago and the 3.4 hectare site comprises of the main two-storey stone mill building and three-storey water tower, a brick chimney stack, a stone livery, the remains of the stone wool warehouse, and the adjacent mill pond and dam. For the full history of the Alton Mill click here.

    Standing over the falls on the banks of the Credit River, the Alton Mill has been fully restored and brought back to life as a creative arts centre. It is now home to more than 30 artists in their studios, plus galleries, a heritage museum, café and unique retail shops. The Alton Mills Complex has been recognized for its heritage value by the Town of Caledon, By-law number 2004-201. For more info on the Alton Mill please see their website.

    The above photo was take back in early April, I processed the original raw image with the Photomatix software to create an HDR image to help bring out the colors better, to see the original pictures untouched click here.


    Comment from Wendy
    Time June 6, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Nice! The mill with its reflection is beautiful! Nicely captured!
    Would love to see more photos of old buildings in Alton and all over Caledon.
    We bought our first house in Alton and lived in it for a very brief 4 months before we moved to Vancouver Island.
    We moved to Alton for much the same reasons you did – more space, out of the city, peace and quiet, etc. Lived in a century old stone house on Queen St. Now live in a West Coast woode house overlooking a harbour. Nice….but really miss Caledon.

    Comment from mary
    Time September 5, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    I am looking for alton babtist church in alton do you know what hapined to it

    Comment from Doreen Maxwell
    Time December 8, 2012 at 9:55 am

    would you know anything about the beautiful old home located just at the back of the Old renovated Alton Mill. I would imagine it was once owned by the Mill owner himself. I was up visiting there the other day, and I do see some changed in the little town, but the mill itself has been renovated beautifully. Thankkyou

    Comment from Jane Holland
    Time June 12, 2014 at 9:43 am

    To Mary: The Baptist Church has been renovated and is now a Cafe. My husband John Jeffery Holland is one of many other visual artists living in the area where the Group of Seven frequently painted. He was mentored by Arthur Lismer of the Group of Seven. Local painter’s hangout is Martha’s Place on Main Street . The town also home to two international spiritual centres: Youth With A Mission (Christian) and the SGI Centre (Buddhist)

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