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  • Caledon Hay Field

    Bales of Hay in Field in Caledon, Ontario

    This photo is of a typical Caledon, Ontario hay field which was cut down and baled up earlier this month. The hay fields are usually cut down late June to early July depending on the weather and if the farmers are lucky sometimes they can get a second cut in the fall. The hay is mainly used for grazing livestock such as cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. Once hay is cut, dried and raked into windrows, it is usually gathered into bales or bundles, then hauled to a central location for storage. Hay must be fully dried when baled and kept dry in storage. This photo was taken with my Olympus DSLR and zoom lens and processed with the Photomatix software and adjusted ever so slightly with Photoshop. To see a larger version of this image click on the photo above.

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