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  • Caledon OPP give out over 400 tickets during Thanksgiving Weekend


    Caledon OPP has released the results from Operation Impact which ran from Friday Oct. 9 to 12 Thanksgiving weekend. During the long weekend crackdown, Caledon officers handed out three licence suspensions for having alcohol levels in the warn range, 7 charges for failing to yield, 3 careless driving charges, 349 speeding tickets, 3 stunt driving charges, 16 seatbelt charges, and 42 charges for other hazardous moving violations. The OPP also conducted 8 hours of RIDE spot checks stopping 819 vehicles.


    Comment from Pete Kettlewell
    Time April 26, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    Caledon OPP are a cash grab for the Town of Caledon. They don’t solve crimes of ANY nature, just write tickets. What a waste of a career. They a glorified meter maids.

    Comment from btown
    Time April 21, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    In Brampton, Caledon is well known for the excessive number of speeding tickets issued. There are many areas of questionable speed limit changes with insufficient posting of the changes.

    There is absolutely no doubt, they are aware of these specific areas … yet do nothing to effect changes to help ensure traffic moves at the speed that’s been deemed safe. If they did that, speeding tickets would decline.

    That means, Caledon are actively choosing to prefer revenue over public safety.

    Many from brampton have simply chosen NOT to travel to Caledon, because of these practices.

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